Sunday, 6 July 2014

Goa Attains Title of Best Indian Destination for Relaxation, 2014

The smallest state of India, Goa, located on the western part of the country has been awarded with the title of ‘Best Indian Destination for Relaxation – 2014’ by the 3rd edition of Lonely Planet Magazine India Awards. The award ceremony was held on June 11, 2014 in Mumbai and a lot of dignitaries from the travel industry attended the event.

Expressing pride and happiness for receiving the award of Best Indian Destination for Relaxation, 2014, Shri Dilip Parulekar, Tourism Minister, Government of Goa, said that Goa is a state with multiple facets and people from all over the world come here mainly because of its relaxed vibe. Starting from bird watching to exploring Goan culture and beach hopping, Goa remains flanked by tourists throughout the year for multiple reasons. Goa tourism takes complete care of safety of tourists and cleanliness of the state so that people do not feel uncomfortable at any point of their trip. Mr. Parulekar also mentioned that in order to cater to the large volume of tourists and ensure they go back with pleasant memories of their trip; the government has initiated several projects to improve the accommodation, infrastructure and connectivity to Goa from all parts of India and abroad.

The breathtaking beauty of this small beach destination in India can simply not be ignored. Warm hospitality, multiple accommodation options, clean environment and pleasant weather made Goa an ideal destination to relax and breathe the air of rejuvenation.

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