Thursday, 5 June 2014

 Your next Destination- Varkala beach and Alleppey backwaters

I never imagined Kerala to be so beautiful. Every time I kept on thinking that why people call it God’s Own Country and never repented when my plan of travel from Kanyakumari to Kerala got cancelled. After 5 long years during my summer break, I got the golden opportunity to travel to this Golden Chariot destination.

Due to time constraint, out of several exquisite sites of Kerala, I chose Allepey and Varkala. As I arrived at Kochi Airport and took a long drive through coconut fringed roads, Kerala became more and more tempting to me. I experienced mild rainfall on my way but rather than being an interruption, it was a blessing to the trip. Kerala is simply blessed with pleasant rainfall, placid water, adequate wildlife, misty mountains and wonderful soothing climate. My first destination was Varkala Beach.

Varkala is a lot more than just palm fringed sun kissed beaches. A lot of leisure activities like sunbathing, leisure walk, sunset watching, boating and swimming adorn the destination. Once I checked in at the hotel and entered my pre-booked room, I simply could not take my eyes away from sight of majestic sea. White waves constantly bumping up and down creating a natural wonder. I simply left my bag and ran to the sea side. The beach is secluded and a tinge of undulating backwaters makes it an ideal vacation spot. I was surprised to know that this is the only place in Kerala where cliffs lie adjacent to the Arabian Sea. Also lines of cafes and restaurants added to its beauty. Varkala turns out to be extraordinarily beautiful in the evening. As the sun went down, the cliff’s cafes and lounges were all lit up to create a golden atmosphere on the cliff top. The reflection on the blue water looked like a golden necklace. The gushing water and sandy beach gave a pleasant colorful feeling as I watched the sun going down. Though I did not indulge in scuba diving and wind surfing, but enjoyed swimming and boat cruise to nearby places to explore exquisite flora and fauna set beside the paddy fields. On the last day at Varkala I visited the Janardanaswamy Temple, a 3500 years old Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

The drive from Varkala to Alleppey was another exciting one. Breathing the cool breeze on my way took me to cloud 9. The pleasant weather made me forget that it was June. On my arrival to Alleppey, I directly checked in at the houseboat. Oh My God! A floating luxury hotel on the backwaters of Kerala decorated with all modern amenities. I could see only one thing all around- green and green spreading the note of tranquility and harmony. I was greeted with a glass of coconut water and took a sit on the deck. After sometime the boat started moving and I was gradually approaching a distant land far from human chaos. As I travelled through calm waterways exotic aquatic life and stretch green lands came my way. Soon I was called for lunch and for the first time I experienced a floating lunch in life. Sitting by the deck and tasting the delicacy of tempting sea food was simply thrilling. Crossing lakes, canals and lagoons, evening approached soon. The sunset was another view to cherish. When it became dark the boat was parked on a corner of a village and I went for a leisure village walk. Local fishermen, village people and freshness of air were all that I came across. I returned to the boat and went for a grand dinner ever. It was worth the money I paid. Ranging from veg to non-veg, so much to eat. I really did not feel like sleeping, but had nothing much to do. A pleasant sleep made a good end to my Kerala trip

Next morning I bid adieu to the houseboat people and headed for Kochi Airport. After all these, I can say only one thing- Kerala is truly God’s Own Country.

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