Thursday, 22 May 2014

Another Beauty Personified in Goa as Monsoon Sets in

Goa has always remained a blessed destination for travelers because of its serene beaches, golden sand and azure sea. And monsoon in Goa has a different charm altogether and is best enjoyed during this season. The pitter patter raindrops on the sandy beaches will make you immerse in the sublime beauty of nature. A dip in the sea and dancing on the rain at the same time will drench you with nature’s two most beautiful gifts. Less crowd, less traffic jams and low noise make Goa pretty silent and secluded in the off-season. But it is this silence and seclusion that drives your mood to experience the cool beauty of Goa. The monsoon season surely sees a dip in parties and water sport activities, but the fun of experiencing the beaches of Goa still continues. With the dawn of monsoon, Goa gears up for several traditional festivals that draw the attention of tourists worldwide.

Chikhalkala, is celebrated on the 11th day of Hindu lunar month of Aashadh (June-July). It is celebrated on a huge village ground in Marcel. The festival symbolizes the collection of several games played by Lord Krishna during his childhood. The rainfall fills up the ground with puddles of water, thereby, creating a slushy platform for the games. 24 hours of continuous bhajan is sung by devotees in the temple. They play in the mud field and believe that playing in mud during this time cures skin diseases, cough and cold. The festival ends with distribution of Prasad.

The Bonderam festival is celebrated on fourth Saturday of August. It includes colourful processions, floats, brass bands and mock battles. Another popular festival is Sao Joao, which is celebrated in Goa amongst the Catholic community. Celebrated on 24th June every year, the festival is dedicated to St. John, the Baptist. During the festival local youth drink feni and jump into ponds or creeks. Women, young girls and local youths wear wreathes of flowers and leaves on their heads. Folk dance and music is in the air and youth participant will zeal and enthusiasm. This festival is all about spirit, merriment and tradition.

To experience a cultural Goa amidst the pleasant monsoon winds, this is the best time to pay a visit. The charm of festivity is in the air and the wet carnival like atmosphere pulls the crowd to mesmerize in celebration and glory.

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